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Prepare Today. Prosper Tomorrow.

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About Spark4Youth

The Organization aims

to ignite our inner spark
with impact-led skills programs
for youth to advance social justice!

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Our Mission

To empower youth across developing countries to learn and upskill on education and experience fundamentals of a potential career in nursing and other health related areas, and collectively bring a spark to the community!

Key Activities

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Format: Social Media Campaigns

  • Shedding light on an issue to bring awareness to it through laughter to break down barriers and create a sense of community.

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Format: Workshops

  • Building a group brings their own unique light through the process of innovation design. This can bring a sense of harmony, allowing people to freely express themselves and feel empowered.

Image by Su Nyoto


Format: Guided Learning

  • Recognizing people’s inner light, which shines the brightest if founded on genuinity. Empower them to become a trailblazer to bring a positive change and encourage others to find their spark.

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Lily Aoyama

Lily Aoyama is a 15-year-old student who harbors interests across various socio-economic and environmental issues, including quality education, healthcare equity, self-esteem, mental health, social justice, and climate change. As she explores and further deepens her knowledge in these fields, she aims to identify areas where she can make a difference. She was born in Japan and moved back and forward to places such as England and Hong Kong.

Lily founded Spark4Youth, an organization she founded that aims to ignite the inner spark of youth with impact-led programs for her generation to advance social justice! For her work, she became a Youth Ambassador of ASPIRE 2030, a global youth campaign co-organized by UNESCO to amplify voices of future leaders.  

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